inspire before we expire :gracy sara

Life is to live not to die.Nowadays many wants their life to be ended.I don’t think it as a right thing to do.You should know how much your life values,take a second and think about the people who love you and take care of you .God has plans for each and everyone.He has higher purpose for your life.Life is game,where many loose at ease.giving up doesn’t benefits you.Look at the life history of great people like Issac newton,Walt Disney,Bill gates etc..etc..

I am damn sure that their life history will inspire you to achieve more things.The first main reason for giving up is laziness.Yes am not too active.Am too lazy. I can even sleep for hundreds of century.But am sure that at least my blog can awake the most precious and talented soul in you.self motivation,passion,determination,fighting over obstacles more and more factors are there to achieve your goal.Be firm on what you decide to achieve.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Yes it doesn’t matters how long it takes,how hard you work is what that matters.

so my dear friends don’t loose hope this is not from a famous person but from a person who is gonna reach great heights in future .


first blog


the least of these : a short movie review

it tells how much god needs us for his service.it is a true life incident of the missionary graham staines who was an australian . he came to india as a missionary to do gods will.he moved to orrisa with his two sons,daughter and wife

he served the people with leprosy . such an heart touching movie

though he did good to indian people he was burnt alive with his sons on 22nd january of 1999 at midnight

dying and doing gods work is a challenge

he was truthful for his call by god

let everyone know  what it takes foe doing gods sake

please support me its my first blog